We are proud to say that Wee Kids is an accredited preschool. One of the Wee Kids priorities is to work together with the parents for the developmental benefit of the child. Accreditation standards give us the opportunity to do that with the self-assessment process which involves parents, staff and program management to provide a higher level of quality. By working together, we are able to deliver the best care for the development of the children.

Green Apple Accreditation

We are proud to say that Wee Kids Preschool is an accredited preschool by Green Apple Accreditation of Children’s Services (GAACS).

“Green Apple Accreditation accredits child care centers and early learning programs, after school programs, elementary and secondary schools, and behavioral health programs serving over 20,000 children throughout the United States and its territories”.

“Green Apple Accreditation Standards are developed by industry specific professionals and meet or exceed State Regulations. The GAACS Accreditation Standards are reviewed periodically to keep pace with industry changes and expectations for high quality programs”.